Our Story

Firstline Pharmaceuticals is a home-grown establishment that continues to have a strong significant presence among the medical fraternity involved in Fertility Management & Women’s Health and Wellbeing.

Starting as a one-man show in 2007, the founder, Logen Singam, believed in a simple fundamental principle. To ensure products imported are screened to meet the expected level of efficacy and quality and market these products to the medical fraternity at affordable prices. This in full awareness that the ultimate benefactors are couples who want to become parents but need a ‘helping hand’ in achieving that.

Knowing that Infertility can be emotionally exhausting, financially challenging and can add stress to already stressful lives, this fundamental and founding principal has, and will always be the cornerstone of Firstline Pharmaceuticals.

We, at Firstline, are proud to have been party to helping thousands of couples achieve their aspiration of becoming parents.

Our Products

Firstline Pharmaceuticals is the exclusive distributor in Malaysia for Profortil, a unique patented formula optimizing male fertility. This product, made in Austria, has a scientifically proven combination of micronutrients for the nutritional support of males who are subfertile.

6 clinical trials including DNA studies on Profortil have been acknowledged and results supported and published by the European Medical Journal (EMJ) and also other peer-reviewed journals.

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Firstline Pharmaceuticals holds the authorization to market reproductive hormones such as Foliculin ( Follicle Stimulating Hormone, FSH ), Humog ( Menotropin, HMG ) and Hucog (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG).

These natural hormones are produced to the highest and strictest of standards at the manufacturer’s German and Indian facilities, adhering to all global guidelines.

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Our Collaborators

Working in collaboration with strategic partners which are Antah Healthcare Group, Lenus Pharma, Bharat Serums & Vaccines, SASMAR, and WyMed Pharma, we are able to offer the complete range of services from regulatory applications to in-market sales and distribution of products.

Our Team & Values

The Firstline Pharmaceuticals team is deliberately small in number, dedicatedly strong in their skills and purposefully productive in their career. Focus is given to training new recruits and to developing existing members in relevant areas so a common vision is shared. Not only do we provide a conducive environment for growth, but also encourage a platform for entrepreneurial spirit to flourish.

Sharing a common vision, being well trained and given the opportunity to grow, our team today walks tall as the only Malaysian owned company holding our own in a competitive fertility industry brimming with international companies.

Staying relevant means being proactive and planning ahead. Firstline is enthusiastically looking forward to expanding our range of products, with a focus on the varying phases of women’s health and wellbeing.

While change is inevitable in many areas, values must remain consistent.

We at Firstline Pharmaceuticals will always continue to offer products that ‘we would trust our own loved ones with’.